NEW Extra-Strength Liquid Soap
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NEW Extra-Strength Liquid Soap

Hey Everyone,

As many of you know the government and health professionals are advising that washing your hands with hot water and soap is the best way to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

With this in mind, we have a specially formulated an EXTRA STRENGTH liquid soap, now available for sale online and collect from our warehouse in Swinton.

This product can be poured either neat from the bottle or decanted into a soap dispenser. Our extra strength liquid soap has no perfume, preservatives or colourings and therefore will be better suited for those with sensitive skin, and it won't dry the skin like an alcohol gel will. However, fragrance oils can be added if you desire.

This is the best method available to help fight the Coronavirus over hand sanitising gel. This is because when hands are washed with soap and water it is highly likely any virus present will be picked up and washed away. Whereas hand sanitising gel needs to have a minimum of 60% alcohol to be effective against viruses and bacteria. It is also difficult to ensure 100% coverage on hands and extra time is needed for the alcohol to work.

Here's an article detailing why soap works so well and a video from the NHS explaining how to properly wash your hands.

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