Candle Making

I am new to candle making, where do I start?

Congratulations, you have come to the right place! For beginners we would suggest trying one of our candle making kits, after all the best way to learn, is to do! Our kits come with an easy to follow step by step guide and all the ingredients you need to get started. We have a step by step candle making guide here.

How do I make a candle?

Find our candle making guide here. It is a must read for beginners interested in creating their own candles.

How do I make wax melts?

Find our wax melt making guide here. It is a must read for beginners interested in creating their own wax melts.

How much fragrance should I add to my wax?

For wax melts and candles, we recommend adding around 6-10% fragrance oil. This means if your candle uses 100 grams of wax you should use around 6-10 grams of oil. All our fragrance oils are measured in grams to help with the weighing method.

Read more in our Fragrance Blog here.

Which wax should I use for container candles?

For a natural soy wax container candle, we suggest our Kerasoy container wax or our Golden Wax 464.

For a paraffin container candle with a high scent throw, we suggest our paraffin container wax.

Which wax should I use for wax melts?

For wax melts we suggest using a pillar blend wax. Pillar blend waxes shrink once set so they pop out of moulds easily.

If you want to make ‘natural’ wax melts, we suggest the Kerasoy pillar blend or Ecosoy Melt.

For paraffin wax melts with optimum scent throw we suggest the paraffin pillar blend.

Which wick should I use?

For soya wax we suggest our TCR range.

For paraffin waxes we suggest our LX range.

For an all rounder wick we suggest our ECO range.

To ensure your wick is the correct thickness for your containers, please check the size chart at the bottom of the wick product page. Or read our wick size guide on Candle College here.

How much wax will I need to fill my container?

To work out the amount of wax you need for your container, simply fill your container with water and pour into a measuring jug.

Measure the amount of water the container holds in ml’s.

Minus 20% off this amount, this leaves you with roughly the amount of wax your container holds in grams.

For example, if your container holds 100 ml of water, minus 20% which leaves 80. This container would therefore hold roughly 80 grams of wax.

I’m having issues with my candles appearance/ scent throw/ wick/ burn?

If you’re having issues with frosting, fragrance throw, mushrooming wicks, small melt pools or anything else candle related, you can read our candle troubleshooting guide on candle college here. Here you’ll find solutions to a range of common candle issues.

Why won’t my pillar candle come out of the mould?

Potential causes are not using a mould release, pouring the wax too hot, or the second pour being over the fill line.

You can try spraying your mould with silicone or lightly wiping with vegetable oil before pouring, avoid overfilling, pouring the wax at a lower temperature or placing the candle in the freezer for a few minutes which should help it pop straight out.

Do I need insurance to sell candles?

A vital part of any business whether you’re big or small is insurance. Without it, you simply aren’t covered if something was to go wrong. Even if you don’t see yourself as a big or established business, you’re still under the same legal obligations as any other business out there but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay the same insurance costs. To find out more about insurance, you can read our blog here.