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Our candle containers are a classic candle making must-have, and have been specially selected to provide you with a stunning range varying in shape and size for all your creative needs!

We stock a large range of wholesale candle jars, glasses and holders available in bulk, specifically designed for candle making from 4 cl travel candles up to 55 cl 3-wick bowls, 75cl traditional Candle glasses, amber glass jars and candle jars with lids. 

Please note, leaving your candle to burn to the very bottom of the glass can cause them to overheat and explode. It is your responsibility to ensure your customer is made aware of this risk by using our safety labels.

View our range of waxes and explore our variety of candle wicks, to use with your candle creations.

We’d love to see your work!

Once you’ve made your creations, why not upload an image to either Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag