Liquid Candle Dyes

Our liquid candle dyes are the most soluble colourant available. Use them when you want a candle to be dyed throughout or for creating a full range of colors for stains and varnishes.


When measuring dyes, measure by weight or by volume—do not alternate method of measurement between batches. Measuring the same product by weight or by volume will give you different results, so be consistent with the chosen method that suits your manufacturing process.

The recommended temperature for manufacturing with dyes is about or about 85ºC.Working at higher temperatures or prolonged exposure to heat can degrade the colours, causing fading or colour alteration to appear. Dyes should be stored under ambient conditions with containers kept closed.

Usage in vegetable & paraffin waxes:

Off-white Shades: 0.004%
Pale Shades: 0.02%
Medium Shades: 0.2%
Dark Shades: 0.4%
Black: 0.6%

Usage in Gel wax:
Medium to Dark Shades: 0.002%–0.010%
Lighter Shades: 0.02%


Virtually free of insoluble matter
No dusting as found with powders
High Flash 200F/93C
Easily mixed to create unique shades
REACH Compliant
European Compliant