About our candle glitter

Bring some sparkle to your candle designs. Our candle glitter is ultra fine and perfect to decorate outside surface areas of wax candles.

Use to decorate the outside of pillar candles:

Candle Glitter

Or to decorate the outside of your container:

Candle Glitter 2

We would not recommend using any of our glitters inside a wax or gel candle.

They can also be used to sprinkle on the surface of wax melts.

The base substance of our glitter is PET plastic, so if they come into contact with very high heat they could melt possibly causing unpleasant fumes to be omitted.

Mica Powders

Mica Powders are stunning natural colours that are commonly known for their use in mineral makeup and eye shadows, etc.

However, micas have gained incredible popularity as a natural alternative to colouring waxes with an eye catching pearlescent sheen.