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Glass & Wooden Candle Lids

Candle lids are the practical and stylish solution to making sure your candles don’t get damaged or dusty before they get to where they’re going. We offer candle lids in a selection of sizes, colours, and materials, so everyone can find a candle lid that suits their candles perfectly. Explore our wide range of wholesale candle jar lids, including wooden candle lids, gold candle lids, and black candle lids. Or if you are looking for candle lids of varying sizes, we offer 30cl candle lids, 20cl candle lids, and 55cl candle lids.  

While candle lids do serve a functional purpose, you also want to choose one that fits your candle's aroma and your brand. That’s why we offer a selection of candle lid styles to suit every candle. For a calming natural look, check out our wooden candle lids. Or for something a little more sleek, a black candle lid is the perfect option. Want to add even more personality to your candles? Why not try one of our colourful glass candle lids, available in silver, gold, and rose gold?  

Why do candles have lids? 

Candle lids serve several purposes. For starters, candle lids prevent candles from becoming damaged or gathering dust while stored or in transit. Additionally, they are an excellent way to add extra personality to the candle they are covering. A wooden candle lid can add a natural look to a candle, while colourful candle lids are ideal for making candles stand out! 

Can you put a lid on a lit candle?  

Putting a lid on a lit candle will ultimately result in the candle going out, as it will prevent oxygen from reaching the flame. However, we don’t recommend putting a lid on a lit candle as it can result in injury. Instead, be sure to put your candles out before placing any lids back on.