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20cl Green Candle Glass - Box of 6
£7.92 vat incl.
( £6.60 vat excl. )
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  • Sold in boxes of 6 Box of 6
30cl Trick Or Treat Glass
£3.00 £1.50
£3.00 vat incl.
£1.50 vat incl.
£2.50 vat excl.
( £1.25 vat excl. )
30cl Christmas Tree Glass
£3.00 vat incl.
( £2.50 vat excl. )
30cl Grey Geo Candle Glass
£4.32 vat incl.
( £3.60 vat excl. )

Wholesale Coloured Glass Candle Holders

Whether you are making candles for your personal use or for your candle business, there’s always room for extra variety in your creations. With a wide selection of colours, sizes, and styles, you are sure to love our coloured glass candle holders. Check out our solid white and black candle holders, available in gloss or matte finishes, for a chic look. Or if you want that extra pop of colour, why not try a yellow or blue coloured glass candle holder? 

We also offer coloured glass jars for candles, coloured votive candle holders, and small coloured glass candle holders. Additionally, we have a selection of coloured glass candle holders for special occasions. From Valentines to Christmas, Mother's Day to Halloween, keep your eyes peeled as we launch limited edition glass throughout the year for these special occasions. Check out our complete range of colour glass candle containers right here.  

Can you put candles in coloured glass jars? 

While it may be tempting to put candles in any coloured glass jar you have lying around the house, many containers not specifically made for candles can overheat and even break. That’s why we recommend one of our many purpose-built colour glass candle holders to add a pop of colour to all of your homemade candles.