Crystals for Candles Wholesale

While candles already offer so much in the way of aromatherapy, easing both the body and mind, candle crystals add an extra element of enhancement, offering benefits to facilitate growth, healing, and tranquillity. Whether you’re looking for bulk crystals for candles to enhance your candle making business or are simply seeking small crystals for your own personal use, you can find the perfect crystals for candle making right here.  

The crystals in our collection offer a wide range of healing benefits. If you are looking for an option to enhance spiritual growth, awareness, and wisdom, the rock column quartz crystals are just what you need. Alternatively, if you desire crystals that help to relieve stress, balance the mood, and boost spiritual awareness, try the amethyst crystals. Simply add the crystals to the wax before it sets, and you’ll soon be experiencing all the wonders crystals have to offer. Try pairing them with one of our many fragrance oils for even more benefits! 

Are crystal candles safe?

Yes, crystals for candles are safe to use. However, refrain from touching crystals immediately after the candle has been lit, as they can become hot. Once a candle with crystals is finished, the crystals can be repurposed for additional use.  

What crystals are safe to put in candles? 

All the crystals we offer for candles are safe for candle making. Check out our selection of rock quartz, amethyst, jade, and rose quartz, each offering an array of benefits.