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Candle Making Packaging & Accessories 

Whether you’re making candles to give as gifts or plan to sell them at scale, there is no better way to establish your brand than with our luxury candle packaging. Explore our selection of wholesale packaging for candles, which includes boxes, available with or without a window, lids, and dust covers. Boxes and lids are available in a range of colours and sizes, so you can find an option that fits your candles perfectly. Check out our white candle box with a black rim and window for a stylish candle packaging option. Or, try a wooden candle lid to add a touch of natural elegance to your candles.  

Additionally, for those who want to customise their candle making even more, we recommend exploring our wide selection of candle making accessories, like silicone moulds and crystals. Our range of silicone moulds includes simple oval and bubble options as well as more complex owl and body mouldsCrystals are perfect for adding a dash of colour to candles, and each offers a wide range of benefits. 

How do I package candles to sell? 

Packing candles for shipping is all about finding packaging options that both fit your candles’ size and your style. We offer a wide selection of candle packaging options to fit candles of all shapes and sizes, including pillar candles, bubble candles, and tealight candles. Furthermore, we offer a range of lids to prevent your candles from getting damaged in transit, as well as dust covers to ensure your customers receive candles that are as pristine as the day you made them.