Fragrance Diffusers

Fragrance Diffusers are a great addition to any home!

Reed Diffusers and other Flameless Home Fragrance products are becoming ever more popular in today’s market. Fragrance Diffusers are a great way to effortlessly fragrance your home and are very simple to make from the comfort of your own home.


Here at Supplies for Candles, we provide all you need to not only get started but to excel in the Home Fragrance industry. We offer a wide variety of Flameless Home Fragrance materials, such as Reed Diffuser glassware, Electrical Plug-In Diffusers, Car/Wardrobe Diffusers & Room Spray materials. 

What are my options?

Reed Diffusers:

Depending on your desired result, we recommend different products. For instance, a Reed Diffuser is best suited in a small – medium-sized room, if the room is too large, the fragrance throw will be weaker. You will notice that we have more naturally pungent fragrances, along with more subtle fragrances. We would recommend a more subtle fragrance in a small bathroom and a more pungent fragrance in a medium (average) sized living room. If you are wanting to fragrance an extra-large room or office, we would recommend 2 Reed Diffusers. Reed Diffusers should last between 2-3 months if cared for properly; keep out of direct sunlight and away from hot surfaces (such as a hearth or radiator). You can super-boost the fragrance in your Reed Diffuser by turning your Fibre Reeds upside down, this gives an extra kick of fragrance. We have everything you need to make your own Reed Diffusers in your favourite fragrances!

Plug-In Diffusers: 

Another popular option is our Plug-In Diffusers.

These are best suited to small – medium-sized rooms and are very simple & easy to make; we stock everything you need to make these, as well as providing you with a photographed ‘how to’ guide here.

All of our fragrances are compatible with this product, so now you can have your home smelling like your favourite perfume! Plug-In Diffusers are a great alternative if you have small children or pets & have concerns about candles or other flamed alternatives. Our Plug-In Diffusers boast a fragrance throw setting, so you can choose from 1-5 depending on how strong you would like the scent throw.

Please note: We recommend turning off the device when you leave your home.

 Car Diffusers:

Our Car Diffusers are multi-purpose, & can be used to fragrance your wardrobe, dress room or bathroom!

Due to their size, we’d recommend using these in small spaces to get the best scent throw. These are very quick & easy to make; we stock 4 different colours – black, pink, silver & gold – all of our fragrance oils are compatible with these. These also make a great (& inexpensive) gift. Imagine having your wardrobe smelling like your favourite perfume … fabulous!

 Perfume Sprays:

Our Perfume Bottles allow you to create your own fragrance sprays to suit your desire.

You can use all of our fragrances & essential oils to create these along with a number of different bases to create them; we recommend researching this & choosing a method that suits you best.

Fragrance sprays are a great way to instantly freshen up your home or office. 

Are they toxic?

We provide you with 'How To' guides for our products, & providing you follow our recommendations, your product will not be toxic. Each fragrance oil has a different chemical make-up; if you are concerned about any allergens that a particular fragrance oil may contain, just check out the documentation that we provide readily available on the website, or ask our friendly staff. We recommend not using any essential oils around animals due to toxicity concerns, especially containing wintergreen, d-limonene (citrus), pine, cinnamon, pennyroyal, eucalyptus & tea tree.