Carbomer (Flogel FG 1000)
  • Carbomer (Flogel FG 1000)
  • Carbomer (Flogel FG 1000)

Carbomer (Flogel FG 1000)

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Multi-Buy Offer: 10% off when buying 2 x 500g. Carbomer (Flogel FG 1000) is your secret to crafting perfection. This synthetic polymer, derived from acrylic acid, adds that touch of luxury and texture to cosmetics and toiletries. Achieve the ideal consistency with ease - simply neutralize to unlock its full potential. Trust Carbomer for crafting excellence.

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Introducing Carbomer (Flogel FG 1000)

Additives & Chemicals for Crafters & Businesses

Unleash your creativity and elevate your craft with Carbomer (Flogel FG 1000), a versatile synthetic polymer derived primarily from acrylic acid. This exceptional ingredient, available in the form of soft, fluffy powders, is your secret weapon for perfecting cosmetics and toiletries, like soap, lotions, and creams. Whether you're a dedicated crafter or a thriving business, Carbomer is your go-to additive for achieving the ideal consistency and texture in your creations.

The Crafters' Best Friend

Carbomer is the magician behind those luxurious, gel-like textures you adore in your cosmetics and personal care products. Its unique thickening properties transform ordinary formulas into extraordinary indulgences. However, to unlock its full potential, Carbomer requires neutralization, raising the pH to the sweet spot of 6.5-7.5. This crucial step ensures maximum viscosity and the perfect texture you desire.

Easy Neutralization for Precision

Neutralizing Carbomer is a breeze with the right solution. Most commonly, a 25% sodium hydroxide in 75% water mixture is employed, although alternatives like AMP (Aminomethylproprianol) or TEA (triethanolamine) can also be used. Depending on your formula's needs, simply add 1% to 3% of the neutralizing solution to reach the optimum pH level. Crafters and businesses alike rely on Carbomer (Flogel FG 1000) to bring their visions to life, delivering the perfect touch of luxury in every product.

Embrace the magic of Carbomer today and take your creations to the next level. Crafters and businesses across the UK trust this indispensable additive to infuse their cosmetics and toiletries with a touch of elegance and perfection.


CoA - 221109AC09B

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