ParaSoy™ Professional Container 10KG

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All blends are majority soy and vegan friendly.

All blends are fully finished, no need to add any other ingredients or additives except UV if required.

Designed for a mostly pulled away appearance. 80-90% pull away depending on cooling conditions. Not 100% to avoid wax rattle.

Heat to 80c, add fragrance, pour at 75c in to a warm glass.

Low shrinkage and will set almost flat but could do with quick reheating of top for a fully flat surface. Reheat towards the end before fully set to avoid need for such high temperatures and of risk melting the wick coating wax. Needs to be done before wax starts to pull away.

Will hold high levels of fragrance, but burn performance is up to the choice of fragrance and wick combination.

6% fragrance with a correct single wick in a 60-75mm container should be a good combination.


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