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Bekro Candle Dyes

Our candle dyes are manufactured by Bekro in Germany.

They are regarded as the leading manufacturer of candle dye amongst professional candle manufacturers throughout Europe.

Bekro dyes are considered the best in the industry because of the minimal impact on burn performance whilst offering a stable colour that can be replicated time and time again.

Our candle dyes are RAL certified, which means they exceed the strictest colour standards in the candle industry. 

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How much should I use?

The dyes are supplied in 10 g bags and should be used at 0.2%, therefore a 10 g bag of dye will colour 5 kg of paraffin wax. Vegetable waxes may require a higher loading. In order for the dye to fully dissolve, it should be added to molten wax of 65°C-70°C, although some dyes (such as red shades) may need the wax to be slightly hotter. We recommend to not to exceed 80°C Please note the colours may differ from screen to screen, we always recommend testing your chosen colour before placing any bulk orders.