Wholesale Dust Covers for Candles

Candle dust covers are the perfect solution to ensuring your candles don’t collect dust or other debris while being stored or shipped. Our candle dust covers are made to fit snuggly into our 20cl glasses, but they also work with 30cl glasses with approximately a 5 mm gap around the outside. And while these dust covers work perfectly from a practical standpoint, in reality, they offer so much more! 

Our candle dust covers are a great eco-friendly alternative to standard dust covers for candles. That’s because they are made with recycled paper embedded with a selection of seeds, including basil candle dust cover seed paper and parsley candle dust cover seed paper. When planted, the paper biodegrades, leaving no waste.

How do I plant my seeded dust cover?

Planting a seeded dust cover is easy, too. When your candle is finished, fill the jar with 1-2 cm of small stones, top it up with soil, place the seeded paper on top and cover with a final thin layer of soil. Water lightly and watch the seeds grow!