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Large & Small Metal Candle Holders

A metal candle holder is a durable yet elegant container for holding candles of all sizes. Whether you are making candles for personal use or selling them wholesale, you are sure to adore our selection of metal candle holders. Our metal candle holders come in range of finishes, from shiny to hammered metal, and are available in gold, silver, and copper, so that you can find the perfect metal containers for your candles.  

For a tastefully elegant option, try our small gold shiny metal candle container. Or to really make that statement candle pop, put it in a large copper hammered metal container. Many of our metal candle holders come in boxes of six, making them perfect for candle makers looking to create more than just a single candle. Check out our complete collection of metal candle holders to find the option that best suits your candles.   

How do you clean old metal candle holders?

Cleaning metal candle holders can be accomplished in a few short steps. First, use a dull knife or spoon to scrape away any remaining wax from the container. You can then use soap and warm water to wash away any soot or other remaining substances from the container walls. After rinsing, dry thoroughly with a clean towel.