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Wholesale Liquid Dyes For Cosmetics

Are you a maker or business in search of the perfect liquid dye for your projects? We have exactly what you’re looking for! Our Liquid Cosmetic Dyes are ideal for use in all sorts of liquid based formulas, and our handy dropper means you can monitor your recipes easily. Plus, our water-soluble dyes contain added glycerine, so you don’t need to use a lot to get intense colour.

So what can you do with our liquid dyes? You can use them to brighten up pretty much anything from bath bombs to shampoos! The dyes are soap and detergent stable, making them great for use with all sorts of water-based products. And don’t worry about the process being difficult —all you need to do is put on some gloves and add a few drops of the dye into your base to create something amazing. You can also explore our range of moulds for even more character.

Our water-soluble dyes are formulated with glycerine for easier mixing and long-lasting colour, so a little goes a long way. Saving you time and money, these versatile liquid dyes are sure to help bring your products to life. Plus, the dropper provided makes it easy to keep track of how many drops you use in your recipes, so you can replicate your favourite colour mixes with ease.

Our liquid dyes are the perfect choice for any maker or business looking for a reliable product that’s fun, easy to use, and adds a professional touch to every project. Visit Supplies For Candles today and invest in your creations by ordering some liquid dye!

Liquid Dye Guides & Information

Our experts can guide you along the way in getting the perfect hue for your creations, so that you can make DIY products with confidence. Our aim is to help make your visions come alive with those perfect touches you’ve been missing. So why not try a few of our Wholesale Liquid Cosmetic Dyes in your next project?

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