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What are liquid dyes?

Liquid dyes are an easy and convenient way to colour your products. Liquid dyes are very highly concentrated and are available in a wide variety of colours, you can mix these colours, which means your colour palette is endless! Liquid dyes should be stored under ambient conditions with containers kept closed.


When should I use liquid dyes?

Liquid dyes are best used if you like consistency; they come in 15ml dropper style bottles, so it’s very easy to record your measurements and therefore consistency will never be a problem. For candles you can use liquid dyes in all vegetable waxes and paraffin wax too. You may find you need to use more colouring in soya wax candles as oppose to paraffin wax. Find a starter colour shade guide below:


Usage in vegetable & paraffin waxes: 

Off-white Shades: 0.004% 

Pale Shades: 0.02% 

Medium Shades: 0.2% 

Dark Shades: 0.4% 

Black: 0.6% 


Usage in Gel wax: 

Medium to Dark Shades: 0.002%–0.010% 

Lighter Shades: 0.02%


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What is the difference between liquid dye & bekro dye?

Both dye types colour wax efficiently. There a few differences, but it’s down to trial & error, along with your own personal preference. The Bekro chip dyes are easy to use & create minimal mess, unlike liquid dye (unless you are careful!). Keep your surfaces covered, gloves on, & kitchen tissue to hand when using liquid dye. We advise weighing the dye chips before adding to your candle wax for consistency purposes, or if you don’t mind a slight variance in colour with each batch, use your eye! Liquid dye is much easier to measure, as it’s supplied in a dropper style bottle, this makes it easier if consistency is important to you. The Bekro dyes are supplied in 10g bags & should be used at 0.2%, therefore a 10g bag of dye will colour 5kg of paraffin wax. Due to the liquid dyes being highly concentrated, you will probably find they last you longer than the Bekro chips. Liquid dye is easier to stir in to your candle wax as it’s already in liquid form, unlike the Bekro dye chips, which need to dissolve in to the wax. You will need to monitor your candle wax’s temperature closely to ensure the chips melt. We recommend approx. 70 – 75 degrees Celsius. You will find that a lot of candle making is down to personal preference & trial & error; we would recommend working with both products, & finding your own favourite.

How do I choose the right colour?

Choosing your colour is straight forward. We stock a variety of colours such as red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, violet & orange. You can mix these colours together to create your own colour, for instance, you might mix violet & red to give you a rich cherry red, or you might mix green & yellow to give you a super lime colour! The possibilities really are endless. You can also create pastel colours by using less colour. For instance, if you’d like a lilac candle, you would start by just adding one drop of violet colour. You can pour your wax in to a small container or on a tea spoon & allow it to set, so you can see the results before pouring a full candle. You can then add more colour if it’s too pale. 

How do I place a wholesale order?

Placing orders with us is very easy. Fill your basket with your desired products, head to the checkout & submit your order. All of our prices are wholesale prices, there’s no minimum order quantity & there’s no requirement to have an account with us before placing an order. Enjoy!