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Cold Process Soap Kit - Starter
£25.00 vat incl.
( £20.83 vat excl. )
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About our DIY Soap Making Kits

Designed with the beginner in mind, our soap making kits come with everything needed to get started in the fascinating art of melt and pour or cold process soap making. When you first start making soap, it can be intimidating. What oils should I use? Which moulds work well? Are the ingredients I'm using compatible? Everyone has experienced that. However, you don't need to worry because for our kits we have done the recipe formulating for you. Making soap at home has never been so easy!

Our kits are meant to educate you how to make exquisite, premium scented soap bars; they are not mass-produced, instead have been packed to include high quality ingredients. Our kits are made for those who are prepared to learn the proper way to create soap. The ideal place to start if you're a do-it-yourself craftsman or a business enthusiast hoping to increase the range of your products.

Our kits make a great gift for loved ones, whether it's for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion! Every kit is supported with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to help you on your soap making journey. The guide can be downloaded under the data sheet tab on each soap making kit product page. No specialist equipment is needed to enjoy soap making, you can do it all in your own kitchen!

What is the difference between cold process soap and melt and pour soap?

Cold process soap and melt and pour soap are two distinct types of soaps that each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. 

Cold Process (CP) soap is made by combining fatty acids such as coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil etc. with an alkali such as sodium hydroxide (lye). This mix creates a chemical reaction known as saponification which produces the soap molecules and glycerin. CP soaps typically require about 28 days to cure before they are ready to use in order to ensure that all the lye has been properly neutralized. Because it is handmade through traditional methods, CP soap tends to be more luxurious than commercially produced soaps due to its high-quality ingredients and aesthetic appeal. 

Melt & Pour (MP) Soap involves using pre-made blocks of glycerin or other vegetable based oils mixed with colours and fragrances along with other additives when desired by the crafter. These blocks are melted down in a double boiler or microwave then additional ingredients such as botanicals, essential oils and additives like honey can be added for desired effects and properties depending on what type of bar is being created. Since no lye is involved when making MP bars they often require shorter curing times than CP bars; some varieties may even cure in a few hours after being poured into moulds! The ease of use makes this type of soap making great for those new to crafting who want something simpler without having to worry about safety issues associated with handling lye. However, the finish and style is very different to CP soaps and often has a lower quality look and feel. Although still holds amazing properties and benefits. It really is all down to preference, time and desired outcome.