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Mixed Flower Silicone Circle Mould
£2.40 vat incl.
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Candle Making Moulds

Whether you are making candles to sell or just want to create some fun candles for your friends and family, you are sure to absolutely love our selection of silicone candle moulds. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, there is sure to be a candle making mould for every candlemaker’s taste and sensibility. For something simple yet tasteful, try one of our oval or square candle moulds. Or, if you want something a little more complex, a loaf or bubble candle mould could be just what you are looking for! 

While you are sure to love our various shape and bubble candle moulds, perhaps you are looking for something even more unique. If that’s the case, then you will love our object candle moulds, from owls to male and female body moulds. Want a candle that reminds you of the sea? Try our silicone shell mould for a natural and calming shape. Or are you looking for something a little more spooky? Then our silicone skull candle mould is a can’t miss. All of our candle moulds are easy to use and reusable, so you can create fun and unique candles that everyone is sure to love time and again.  

How do I make candles with moulds? 

Using moulds to create fun and designer candles is easy and can be accomplished in just a handful of steps. First, you want to lubricate the mould to ensure easy removal of the candle once it has set. Next, set the wick in the mould. Melt your wax and add any dyes to achieve the colour of the candle you wish to create. Then, pour the wax into the mould. Finally, wait for the wax to set before removing the candle from the mould.  

How do you remove a candle from a silicone candle mould? 

If you remembered to lubricate your mould before adding the wax to it, removing your candle should be a fairly easy and straightforward process. First, you want to carefully peel the mould away from the candle, taking care not to damage the candle in the process. Once the candle mould is no longer attached to any surface area of the candle, gently push the candle out of the mould. If there are areas where the mould does not release from the wax, try using a dull butter knife to loosen it, but be careful not to cut or damage the candle while doing so.