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Tins for Candles

While you can’t go wrong with a glass or ceramic candle container, there’s just something about a candle tin that is perfect for at-home candle making. Candle tins are light, durable, and won’t break if jostled around during shipping. Additionally, all of our tins for candle making come with lids to keep your candles safe and clean until they’re ready to be lit, making them ideal for shipping in large quantities.  

Our empty candle tins are easy to use. Simply set your wick and add your melted wax. Once the wax has set, your candle is ready to be used or shipped. Our candle making tins are available in a selection of different colours. White and black candle tins are perfect for a clean, stylish look. For something with a little more pizazz, try a silver or gold candle tin. No matter what you select, you can’t go wrong with any of our amazing tins for candles.  

Can you recycle candle tins?

Yes, all of our candle tins are made of tin and can be recycled after they have been used.  

How do I make tin can candles?

It is easy to make candles in our candle tins. First, set the wick in the tin – we recommend using one wick per tin. Next, melt your wax and add any dyes or scents you wish to include. Then, pour your wax into the tin and let it set. Once set, the candle is ready to use at your convenience. And since all our candle tins include lids, they can be stored easily for later use.