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What is vegetable wax?

A vegetable wax or 'natural wax' is a type of wax which is made by hydrogenating vegetable oil such as soya bean oil and rapeseed oil. Hydrogenation is a process where the oil which was once a liquid at room temperature is processed to make them solid at room temperature, changing it into a wax. By changing the oils melt point, it allows the wax to melt at the ideal temperature to be used for candle making.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of vegetable wax is that it's derived from a vegetable oil. It is a renewable, eco friendly alternative to paraffin wax. Because natural waxes have little impact on our environment, finished candles made from this type of wax can be marketed as a natural product. This is the main reason natural wax is quickly becoming the more popular choice in candle making. Vegetable wax has a natural luxurious and creamy colour, and is less likely to soot than a paraffin candle if wicking is not quite right. The drawbacks for natural wax to paraffin wax is that the scent throw is not quite as strong as in paraffin, and wicking can be difficult in larger containers.