ProSoy Container Wax
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  • ProSoy Container Wax
  • ProSoy Container Wax

ProSoy Container Wax

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Introducing ProSoy Container Wax - our 100% soy, vegan container wax! It is an all-natural speciality wax that is designed to have great glass adhesion to candle glasses and containers along with giving you the best scent throw possible! Shop all candle waxes now...

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Product features
  • Vegan Vegan
  • Cruelty Free Cruelty Free
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Wholesale Container Wax For Candles

ProSoy Container Wax - 100% Soy Based Candle Wax

Presenting ProSoy Container Wax, the ideal solution to all of your wax making needs! This natural specialised soy wax will completely transform your candle-making experience and provide you with endless joy. Say farewell to mediocre products and enjoy the excellence of ProSoy Container Wax!

Based on feedback from customers, our ProSoy Container Wax has been created to give you amazing glass adhesion based. Minimising shrinking problems with your exquisite designs!

Not only that, but our wax offers benefits beyond ease of use. It's all about taking your candle-making to the next level. This wax, which is designed for holding high amounts of fragrance oil, releases an unmatched hot and cold throw that will fill any space with enticing aromas. Your surroundings will fill with the scented delight of your chosen fragrance, enveloping you in a state of total calm.

If you're looking to create gorgeous container candles that pack an aroma punch, look no further than ProSoy Container Wax. This special blend is perfect for single pouring, meaning you won't have to worry about those annoying second pours. You can create high quality candles, quicker and easier with this wonderful container wax!

But there's still more! ProSoy Container Wax produces brilliant, striking colours that will impress everyone when used with our amazing selection of dyes. Your candles will have captivating aromas in addition to exquisite looks. That is a winning mix, right now!

We take great satisfaction in offering you a product that not only matches but surpasses your expectations. ProSoy Container Wax incorporates the clean-burning properties of natural vegetable wax and is made entirely of soy. It is vegan, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly - the perfect container wax.

ProSoy Container Wax is therefore your key to success whether you're an accomplished crafter, an enthusiastic hobbyist, or a business owner trying to make a name for yourself in the candle making world. Choose ProSoy Container Wax to take your products to new heights and don't settle for anything less than excellence.

Key Benefits of ProSoy Container Wax

  • 100% Soy
  • No Need To Re-Pour
  • Pre-blended Formula - No Additives Needed
  • Great Glass Adhesion
  • Withstands High Fragrance Load
  • Binds Well With Colour Dyes
  • Minimal Frosting
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Eco Friendly

ProSoy Container Wax Properties

  • Heat to 80°C - any higher may compromise the quality and colour of the wax
  • Melting Point: Approx 51.1°C
  • Fragrance Load: Up to 10%
  • Pour Temperature: Between 71°C -80°C
  • Cure Time: 1-2 weeks depending on desired fragrance strength
  • Colour: Off White/Cream
  • Storage: Keep the product in a cool, dry room away from direct sunlight
  • Form: Pellets/Pastilles
  • Perfect for container candles


CoA - 28818

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WAX040 - Prosoy Container Wax

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