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Wholesale Powder Colours

Introducing Wholesale Powder Colours! These enchanting mica powders are natural and perfect for a variety of uses. Produce stunning eye shadows and mineral makeup or add a bit of shimmer to homemade wax melts. With a pearlescent sheen, our colourants are sure to add just the right touch to bring your creations to life.

No matter your profession or expertise, these powder colours are perfect for makers, businesses, and everyone in between. As always, be sure to ensure the colour is suitable for the desired purposes in your recipes before use. Enjoy the convenience of purchasing in bulk, and remember that using Wholesale Powder Colours will provide a unique and safe solution for a beautiful coloured finish.

We strive to provide high-quality micas, so you can feel confident when producing your creations. Your customers will be captivated by the stunning shades and eye-catching sparkle delivered by our mica powders. Plus, using our powders is simple and easy, with just 5% mica in your wax melting projects for a shimmering effect. They are also work well in soaps and bath bombs, as well as a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries.

Powder Colours Guides & Information

Our experts can guide you along the way in getting the perfect hue for your creations, so that you can make DIY products with confidence. Our aim is to help make your visions come alive with those perfect touches you’ve been missing. So why not try a few of our Wholesale Powder Colours in your next project?

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