ParaSoy™ Professional Melt Wax
  • ParaSoy™ Professional Melt Wax
  • ParaSoy™ Professional Melt Wax - Reformulated

ParaSoy™ Professional Melt Wax

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Introducing our ParaSoy™ Professional Melt Wax , a must-have wax for your wax melt and pillar candle making needs. High quality, with a professional finish, its pastille wax form makes it easy to use and store.

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Wholesale Wax For Wax Melts & Pillar Candles

ParaSoy™ Professional Melt Wax - High Quality Wax

Can't decide between paraffin and soy? Get the best of both worlds with ParaSoy™. Now available in our new and improved pellet form, for ease of use and convenience when making home fragrance products.

Developed by professionals to produce wax melts and pillar candles with the scent throw of paraffin wax, combined with the same appealing look and usability soy wax.

Our SFC SV 81 Series wick has been specifically designed to work with our ParaSoy wax. 

Please note, this wax is now sold in pellet form.

For orders of two or more pallets please contact us for a quote: | 01709 257151

This wax is one of the easiest waxes to use due to its key features: 

  • Perfect wax melts every time- no re-pour needed
  • Smooth top even after burning
  • No frosting
  • Less cure time - 48hrs approx
  • Light cream colour- natural soy wax effect
  • Vibrant colours with dye
  • 10% fragrance load-often not needed for how strong the scent throw is on this wax.
  • No additives needed
  • Shorter cool down period unlike soy

Colour: Pale yellow/white 

To Melt 80°C - any higher than 85°C will compromise the quality and colour of the wax

Suggested Temperature when adding Powered dyes : 75°C

Suggested Temperature when adding Powered dyes dissolved in fragrance, liquid dyes, : 70°C

Pour Temperature: 55°C - 65°C into mould. (Please check container compatibility)

Cure Time: 48 hours depending on desired fragrance strength

(We would recommend checking your chosen fragrance oil flash point before adding to wax)

Storage: Keep the product in a solid-state in a cool, dry room equipped with a ventilation system.

Check out our how-to guide on how to make wax melts with ParaSoy

The melt wax % is as below. The formulations are unchanged.
50% Soy
15% vegetable
35% paraffin

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