Rapeseed Container Wax
  • Rapeseed Container Wax

Rapeseed Container Wax

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Rapeseed Container Wax.

Our premium Rapeseed Container Wax is specifically developed for the production of container candles. It made from a blend of rapeseed wax, beeswax and steric acid. This eco-friendly wax is made from rapeseed grown in the UK and Europe. This vegetable based wax is a great natural alternative to paraffin container waxes. For the best possible container adhesion, we recommend the container be at least room temperature, or preferably preheating to 43°C. Rapeseed wax requires larger wicks than paraffin waxes and most other vegetable waxes. For best results, use with our TCR natural wicks range for an all-round natural container candle with a clean long lasting burn. This wax can also be used as an additive to soften other natural waxes. Adding 10% of this wax can give you an extra few millimetres to the burn pool of a candle. It will also lighten the colour of creamy natural waxes.

Wax specification.

Name: 4170 Natural Container Wax. Holds up to 12% fragrance or essential oil. Melt point of 43°C. Pour temperature: 51°C. Supplied in pastilles form.

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Rapeseed Container Wax

Rapeseed Container Wax

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