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Candle Dyes

What are my options?

There are 2 different types of dyes that you can use for candles & wax melts; Bekro Chip Dye & Liquid Dye.

They both give great results but are different to work with, but ultimately it does come down to personal preference and trial and error!

We make sure that we stock a wide variety of colours for you to choose from, so don’t worry if the specific colour you want isn't yet stocked.

You can always mix colours to achieve your desired colour result and always add more dye for a richer intense colour, or start off with less colour for a pastel effect!


Bekro Chip Candle Dyes

The Bekro chip dyes are easy to use & create a minimal mess.

We advise weighing the dye chips before adding to your candle wax for consistency purposes, or if you don’t mind a slight variance in colour with each batch, use your eye!

The Bekro Dye Chips are supplied in 10g bags & should be used at 0.2%, therefore a 10g bag of dye will colour 5kg of paraffin wax.

Vegetable waxes may require a higher loading.

Please note the colours may differ from screen to screen, we always recommend testing your chosen colour before placing any bulk orders or making any products in bulk. 


Liquid Candle Dyes

A little goes a long way!

Pop your gloves on, cover your surfaces & you will be ready to go!

You tend to need less liquid dye than dye chips to get a vibrant colour. Liquid dye is very easy use, & there’s no need to worry about the temperature as much, as the dye is already liquid & doesn’t have to dissolve as much.

A good stir of the dye in the wax will do the trick. It’s very easy to record your recipes & data with liquid dye, as our liquid dyes come with a dropper, allowing you to easily monitor how many drops are going into your wax.

Our liquid dyes are available in 15ml dropper bottles.


How do I use Candle Dyes?

The dye can be added to solid wax & then melted together with the wax, or it can be added when the wax is already melted at approx. 70 – 75 degrees Celsius.

We recommend stirring the wax for approx. 2 minutes. You may need to stir the dye chips into the wax for longer than you stir the liquid dye, as the dye chips must fully dissolve. If they aren’t dissolving very well, heat your wax up again to 75 degrees Celsius; the dye chips will struggle to dissolve in wax which is too cool.

Typically, the more colour dye – either chip or liquid - you add to the wax, the deeper & more solid colour you will create.

You can create pastel & light colours with the exact same products, just use less of the colour.

Wax often looks darker in liquid form than it does when it is set, so we would recommend pouring a small amount in a teaspoon or small container to see what the colour looks like when it’s set. You can then make a decision to stick with the colour you have made, or add more colour to make your wax more vibrant. You can also mix colours, as well as adding shimmering Mica. Please note we only recommend using Mica in wax melts (not candles).

The Mica gives a pearlescent effect to your wax, to read more about Mica, click here.

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