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Bio Glitter

Bio-glitter® is based on biodegradable film made from trees, primarily eucalyptus, sourced from responsibly managed plantations.

Health Benefits

Bio-glitter® contains low levels of heavy metals. Antimony levels in Bio-glitter® are below the limits of detection, effectively zero. Whereas, cosmetic polyester glitter can have antimony levels as high as 150ppm. The antimony in polyester is a by-product of a catalyst used in the manufacture of polyester.

Cosmetic Benefits

Bio-glitter® feels more comfortable on the skin. Bio-glitter® is physically 30-40% softer than polyester glitter.

Use in candles

Bring some eco-friendly sparkle to your candle designs.

Our candle glitter is ultra-fine and perfect to decorate outside surface areas of wax candles.

Use our bio glitters to decorate the outside of pillar candles or the outside of your container: We would not recommend using any of our glitters inside a wax or gel candle. They can also be used to sprinkle on the surface of wax melts.

We’d love to see your work!

Once you’ve made your creations, why not upload an image to either Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag