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30cl Grey Geo Candle Glass
From as low as £3.60 per glass (vat excl.)

Decorative Glass Candle Holders 

Decorative candle glass holders are the perfect way to express the uniqueness of the candle through its container. With a selection of decorative glass candle jars and patterned decorative candle glasses with lids, there is an option for every taste and style. All our decorative candle glass holders come in a selection of sizes, from large statement candles to small tea lights, so you can accentuate every candle you make.  

With so many decorative glass candle holders to choose from, picking the perfect option may take some time! If you are looking for something eye-catchingly dazzling, we recommend our rose gold diamond candle glass or soft pink geo candle glass. Alternatively, if you prefer something more understated and elegant, try our amber decorative bubble glass or clear geometric candle glass. No matter your personal preference, you are sure to love these beautifully crafted decorative candle glass holders.

We also have a range of printed glasses, from Christmas to Halloween, Mother's Day to Valentine's Day, they are decorative for the seasons and offer another unique candle container option. You can also check out our custom glass printing service if you would like your own design printed.