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150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6
  • 150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6
  • 150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6

150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6

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Modern and stylish, our 150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6 adds a touch of luxury to your reed diffusers. Each bottle is sold in boxes of six.

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  • Sold in boxes of 6 Box of 6
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Wholesale Reed Diffuser Bottles

Flat Face Round Diffuser - Stylish Diffuser Bottles

Introducing our 150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6! Made from high-quality clear glass, these striking, modern diffuser bottles are the perfect addition to your fragrance and home decor range. Each glass holds up to 150ml and comes with a rubber bung to ensure that no liquids escape.

Whether you are a customer looking for a unique diffuser, or a maker or business in need of wholesale prices, our 150ml Flat Face Round Diffusers can be used over and over again, ensuring quality every time. They are sure to make a stunning addition to any home and can be used for many creative projects. This product is an easy and affordable way to instantly update your home  or product range. 

Explore our range of stylish and innovative diffusers today and get creative with how you display them. Play with different fragrances, bases, and reeds to create a beautiful and unique home decor feature. Or package in our diffuser boxes ready to sell your own diffuser range!

Please note these glasses are hand blown therefore appearance may differ. Reeds and caps are not included, this is just the bottle itself and a bung.

Product Specifications

  • Box of 6
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Clear Glass
  • Rubber Bung

Approximate Dimensions

  • Neck Internal Diameter: 12mm
  • Neck Height: 15mm
  • Height (without bung): 100mm
  • Width: 92mm
  • Depth: 37mm

Learn To Make Diffusers

Are you looking to add some fresh aromas to your space? Look no further than making your own reed diffusers. plug-ins or car fresheners. With our easy-to-follow recipes and step-by-step guides, you'll learn to create enticing scents that fill the room. Making your own reed diffusers has never been so easy and affordable. Not only will you save money, but you'll also have a fun and satisfying project to tackle. So why not dive in today and see what aromas you can create? Follow our links and get started on your journey to a delightful and welcoming home ambiance...

FAQs About Reed Diffusers

What materials do I need to make a reed diffuser? 

Making a reed diffuser is an easy and affordable way to create beautiful aromas in your home. All you need are four simple components: a suitable diffuser bottle, reeds, diffuser base, and fragrance oil. 

The first step is selecting the right-sized bottle for your project; it should be narrow enough for the reeds to fit easily, have a lid or top of some sort whether this is a cap or a nice shaped bottle neck, and be able to hold all of the liquid ingredients you will use. Once you’ve decided on the container, it’s time to choose which type of reed sticks you want for your diffuser! Reeds come in different thicknesses, materials (such as bamboo or rattan), colours (natural wood tones and bold brights), and lengths (depending on your bottle size). You may also consider adding decorative accents such as ribbon around the neck of your container for an extra special touch. 

Next comes deciding on what type of fragrant oil will add just the right amount scent - without overpowering - whatever space you are trying to fill with its aroma. Whether energizing citrusy scents help wake up morning routines; earthy aromas for grounding vibes; calming floral notes when winding down after a long day; uplifting herbs like sage settling into summer evenings; or even fruity spices that say “hello” at dinner - there are hundreds of oils available depending on what vibe you’re looking to create!

How often should I turn my diffuser sticks?

Keeping your home smelling fresh and fragrant can be a challenge, but thanks to diffusers it’s easy! Diffusers are designed to slowly disperse essential oils or fragrance into the air without burning, as opposed to scented candles. To get the best out of your diffuser experience we recommend turning the sticks every 1-2 weeks. That way you'll ensure an even scent release throughout your home.

Can I reuse my diffuser bottles?

Absolutely you can reuse your diffuser bottles! Many people enjoy using their diffuser bottles to help create a pleasant scent in their home, while also reducing the need for purchasing additional containers. However, it is important that if you are reusing your diffuser bottle, that you take the time to clean and maintain it properly.

The best way to keep your diffuser bottle clean is by first rinsing out any remaining liquid from the container. Next, fill up your sink with warm soapy water and rub on some dish soap onto a sponge or cloth and wipe down the outside of the bottle thoroughly. You may also want to use an old toothbrush with gentle scrubbing pressure around all sides of any grooves in order to remove stuck particles of dust or left over fragrance. After this step make sure you dry off the bottle with either a towel or air-dry it until there are no wet spots left behind on its surface.

Just ensure you rinse, clean and dry your bottle with warm soapy warm between each scent. The bottles can get a bit sticky after time so it is good to give them a bit of tlc every now and then.

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