Babassu Oil
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Babassu Oil

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Multi-Buy Offer: 10% off when buying 2 x 500g. Discover the versatile wonders of our Babassu Oil – sourced from the revered Babassu tree in Brazil. This high-quality oil, rich in lauric and palmitic acids, elevates your crafting game, creating luxurious lather in soaps and offering emollient excellence for skin care. Meticulously cold-pressed and refined, it's a must-have ingredient for soaps, lotions, and creams. Elevate your craft with the magic of Babassu oil today!

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Introducing Babassu Oil For Cosmetics & Toiletries

INCI: Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil

CAS: 91078-92-1

Discover the secret to crafting exceptional cosmetics and toiletries with our Babassu Oil. Derived from the Babassu tree, indigenous to the lush landscapes of Brazil, this oil is nature's gift to crafters and businesses alike.

The Tree of Life: Babassu

Known as the 'Tree of Life' in its native Brazil, the Babassu tree yields an oil that's a true gem in the world of crafting. With properties akin to Coconut or Palm Kernel oil, our Babassu oil is a game-changer for your creative projects.

Key Facts About Babassu Oil:

  • Rich in Lauric Acid: Babassu oil boasts a high lauric acid content, making it perfect for soap-making. It produces luxurious lather, ensuring your soaps are bubbly and delightful.
  • High Palmitic Acid: Enhance the hardness of your bar soaps with the high palmitic acid content found in our Babassu oil.
  • Emollient Excellence: Not just for soap, this oil works wonders as an emollient when applied directly to the skin. Experience a refreshing and cooling sensation, leaving your skin feeling velvety and soothed.

Crafted with Care

Our Babassu Oil, undergoes a meticulous cold-pressed and refining process, ensuring the highest quality for your creations. This process includes deodorising and bleaching, resulting in a pure and versatile oil that's a must-have in your crafting arsenal. Whether you're making body butters, bath melts, soap, lotions, or creams, our Babassu Oil, is your key ingredient for success. Join the ranks of passionate crafters and businesses who rely on the finest ingredients to bring their visions to life.

Experience the magic of Babassu oil – order yours today and elevate your craft to new heights!

Saponification Information for Babassu Oil

  • Saponification Value (Sodium Hydroxide): 0.133
  • Saponification Value (Potassium Hydroxide): 0.186
  • Saponified Name (Sodium Hydroxide): Sodium Babassu Oilate
  • Saponified Name (Potassium Hydroxide): Potassium Babassu Oilate



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