Surfac Cat 176 (Cetrimonium Chloride)
  • Surfac Cat 176 (Cetrimonium Chloride)

Surfac Cat 176 (Cetrimonium Chloride)

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Discover the magic of Surfac Cat 176 (Cetrimonium Chloride), a clear and water-soluble compound that's a game-changer for crafters and businesses formulating cosmetics and toiletries. With functions ranging from antistatic agent to antimicrobial preservative, this product ensures your creations stand out in quality and longevity. Add it to your formulations today and experience the transformation!

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Wholesale Additive For Cosmetics & Toiletries

Introducing Surfac Cat 176 (Cetrimonium Chloride)

INCI: Cetrimonium Chloride

For crafters and businesses in the world of cosmetics and toiletries, we're excited to present Surfac Cat 176 (Cetrimonium Chloride). This clear, quaternary ammonium compound is a versatile gem that can transform your formulations. Let's dive into what makes this product a must-have in your arsenal.

Key Functions For Surfac Cat 176

Surfac Cat 176 (Cetrimonium Chloride) wears many hats in the world of personal care creations. Firstly, it acts as a powerful antistatic agent, ensuring your products remain static-free, even in dry conditions. Secondly, it plays the role of a cosmetic biocide, keeping your products fresh and safe for use. Additionally, it excels as an emulsifying agent and surfactant, effortlessly blending ingredients for a seamless consistency. But that's not all; this incredible compound also possesses antimicrobial properties, enhancing the shelf life of your creations. Lastly, it serves as a preservative, giving you peace of mind about product longevity.

One more delightful aspect of Surfac Cat 176 (Cetrimonium Chloride) is its water solubility. This characteristic makes it easy to incorporate into your formulations, ensuring a hassle-free creative process. Whether you're crafting luxurious lotions, exquisite candles, or silky creams, this liquid and gel formula will become your secret ingredient for success.

Revolutionize your formulations with Surfac Cat 176 (Cetrimonium Chloride) today and experience the magic it brings to your formulations. Craft with confidence, knowing you have a versatile ally by your side!

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