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Almond Shell - Ground
  • Almond Shell - Ground

Almond Shell - Ground

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Crafters and businesses, meet your new secret weapon: Almond Shell - Ground, the perfect botanical for enhancing cosmetics and toiletries. With a gentle exfoliation, set your creations apart with this popular ingredient.

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Wholesale Dried Flowers

INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Shells

CAS: 90320-37-9

Introducing Ground Almond Shell: Nature's Exfoliating Wonder

For crafters and businesses seeking premium ingredients to elevate their cosmetics and toiletries, look no further than our Ground Almond Shell. As a versatile botanical wonder, this product is a game-changer in the world of natural exfoliation.

Ground Almond Shell, harvested from the finest almonds, brings gentle exfoliation to your skincare and DIY beauty creations. This exquisite botanical not only scrubs away dead skin cells but also imparts a very subtle, nutty aroma. Crafters and businesses will appreciate its easy integration into soaps, lotions, and creams, creating a luxurious, exfoliating experience for their customers.

This wonderful ingredient has many key features, it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, with a fine texture due to its small particles. It also means a little goes a long way, you can create products with varying exfoliating qualities, the more you incorporate into your lotion or body butter the harsher and more vigorous the exfoliation.

Please note, colour may vary per batch. Natural items include flowers, seeds or dried botanicals of any kind. Unless specially treated, we cannot guarantee that these products will not be prone to insects in the future. Even after treatment, they can be re-infested if improperly stored. Keep cool and dry, out of direct sunshine, and free of infection and moisture intrusion.


COA 0003943

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